We got the new Vogue magazine in the mail. I don’t ordinarily look through it, but decided to yesterday. Apparently, fashion today consists of hangry people. I say this because I only counted 15 pictures of people smiling and all the people are emaciated. It was quite eye opening and sad for women of the younger generation. Life can be joyful and eating is a good thing…Vogue does not depict that. On a positive note, there were some yummy fragrances and Chanel has a tagline of “Eyes Speak Volumes”. Maybe we can team up! #speakvolumes

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Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's ChocolateSometimes it seems like a day is straight out of Alexander and the Terrible Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day. Yesterday, was a day like that. My daughter and I were taking a little road trip. What started out to be a short little trip turned out to be hours of sitting in traffic, line, or things just not working out. First of all, we were stuck on the bridge across the lake for about an hour. We took a detour once we were able to exit and went on our way. Then, we decided to stop to eat in the Bishop Arts District at 11am. There were no parking spaces anywhere and the restaurant we chose was overflowing. So we chose to eat at Hattie’s, which proved once again to be one of my favorite restaurants around. It was calm, had great service, and the food was delicious. That pepped us up and we headed south. We stopped in Waco at the flurry of fandemonium, world famous Magnolia (HGTV’s hosts of Fixer Upper’s store). We saw women running across the street to get a selfie with the Magnolia logo, dragging their light fixtures, home decor and children in tow. It was quite a sight! By then we needed a good cup of coffee, and we like shops the are unique to the area, so we thought we’d stop by the cute one by campus. Once again….no parking! So, we parked in the spot reserved for another business, because we were just going to be a second. No, we weren’t…the line was out the door! Who knew this town was so crowded! We left Waco and again headed south to be in bumper to bumper traffic that Waze showed to be the rest of our trip. I then gave up. Our little trip that should have taken a few hours had already been 5 and looked to be about 5 more. I made an executive decision to abort the mission. We headed back to Dallas and stopped a few places to shop. Then, we went to Trader Joe’s to get a few groceries. The checker asked us how our day was and we told her. Her reply was, “You deserve some chocolate for the day you’ve had”. She brought a handful of choices, and we each chose one. The kindness she displayed is one of the reasons I love Trader Joe’s. It lifted our spirits and put a smile on our faces. We hit traffic again, but with a lighter perspective. Some days are just like that. Tomorrow is a new day!

For Good

Some people choose to do the right thing because it is right. They aren’t concerned with reward or gratitude of the recipient. Charles Chaffin was one of those people. He chose to take in the orphaned boys of his wife’s brother and give them a home. I can only imagine what chaos was created in that decision, but he chose it and was faithful in providing a safe environment. He ran the race with endurance and crossed the finish line yesterday, a life well lived. My tribe of five is eternally grateful for his contribution to those boys. I happen to be married to one of them. Our lives have been changed for good because of his generosity and choosing to do what was right.

We love you and are grateful beyond words for what you have done for our family, Uncle Charles. May you rest in peace.