How is your vocal tone

  The Importance of Vocal Tone Have you ever had your feelings hurt by someone? They may have used words that weren’t so bad, but their tone was biting. While you may not think a great deal about the tone of your voice, it is something you should consider paying attention to. As I have […]

How do you like your speech

How do you like your speech? Do you feel like your speech could improve? Would you like to have a better voice? A better tone? A better rate of speech? Would you like to reduce your accent? Are you preparing for an interview for a public speaking engagement and you need tip and tricks on […]

Is Speech Coaching Needed?

Speech Coaching What is speech coaching How can it help you? First of all you may be wondering what is “speech coaching” and if you need it. You may think that you have all the skills you need to be successful in an interview. As much as I hope for your sake that you are […]

How to Make a Great First Impression

How to Make a Great First Impression Would you like to make a great first impression? Do you even know what that looks like or doesn’t look like? We are here to help! Because we like to laugh while educating, this comical video by some awesome actors will help you identify some things to do […]

How to Prepare for an Interview

How to Prepare for an Interview When going into an interview situation, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Interview Tips First Impression *It takes 17 seconds to make a first impression This little fact makes your overall appearance and body language of utmost importance. You have to come into […]

My Journey to be a Speech and Voice Coach

  Speech and Voice Coach First of all, how did I get to this place where I am a Speech and Voice Coach? The map that has led me to this spot on my speaking-voice coach journey has been sprinkled with many turns. I decided to be a public speaking and voice coach with prompting […]