A Memorable Birthday Hike



A Great Day for a Hike

My daughter loves to hike. For her birthday this year, all she wanted was to go hiking. We were thrilled that she wanted to spend time with us and have something that would give us all a wonderful memory. Little did we know how memorable it would be.

We started the day early since we were driving out of state and the actual hike would take hours. Thankfully we stopped by Chick Fil A for breakfast and headed north. We got to the park where we were planning to hike and stopped in a local coffee shop to get coffee and go to the bathroom. Then headed to the park for our hike.

When we got to the area where the trail was supposed to begin, the road was no longer there. But we didn’t think too much of it and hiked a little around the river. I was carrying a huge water bottle and it started to get on my nerves. Then we went to another spot to start our hike. The sign for this particular hike said 6 miles. We thought, “that’s not bad”; I decided to not even take my water. My kids left their phones in the car and we began our trek.

The beginning of the hike was wonderful. The weather was perfect. We climbed and saw awesome views.  After we had gone at least 8 miles, we got to a spot that had a sign with a warning that said “STOP this is for experienced hikers, have water, etc….” We thought it can’t be that much farther, since we had already been 8 miles. This was a 6 mile hike…right? Boy, were we wrong.

What did that mile marker say???

We climbed a steep, straight inclines, only to have to immediately go down. This went on for a while. I had gotten quite parched and began to drink out any stream that I saw. My husband even filled up his water bottle (which is telling about how thirsty we were because he thinks that is disgusting.) We noticed mile markers that had numbers like mile 20. I looked on my phone and saw that we were miles away from our car. I began to feel very uneasy and had a little meltdown. After the meltdown, I felt much better. (My poor husband)

We walked until there was no longer a trail. My son had gone ahead and we had not seen him in a few miles. We called for him and heard no call back. We could hear the sound of cars, however. It was around 4:15 and we were unsure of how far it was to the road. I did not want to spend the night out there and we were all getting nervous about the whereabouts of our son.

Our Rescue

We stopped on a log and got our bearings. And called 911 who sent us to the park rangers. This part gets weird. I spoke with Mike and dropped a pin to our location and Mike said they would be there in 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, I texted and called Mike. No response.

Meanwhile, my husband walked over to a clearing and could see the road and a park ranger, who flashed his siren. That ranger walked toward us. He told us he had our son, who had thrown up 4 times and was delirious. After we spoke with him, it happened that a couple we had seen on the trail had been picked up by Mike. He thought that had been us. No, it wasn’t! Finally, Mike came down the hill and picked us up and took us to our car. We loved those park rangers! Best people ever!

After all that excitement, we stopped at the coffee shop again to refuel us. And headed home. Much laughter and storytelling filled the car and I’m sure will fill our lives for years to come. What a memory!

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First Impressions and Job Fairs


Job Fair

I had a client come in preparing for a job fair and we know how important a First Impression is in that situation. The job fair is at the university he attended and in his major. He and the other candidates will all be on equal footing. You may wonder why he would come seeking speech coaching for this.

Most importantly, he has only about 2 minutes to make an impression on the human resource representatives he meets with. We all know that it takes 17 seconds to make a first impression and 27 interactions to overcome that first impression if it is bad. He is not going to get another chance to connect with those people. 

First Impression

  • Confident body language
  • Build rapport with interviewer

First, one of the ways to make a great first impression that we talk about in the course, Ace Your Interview, is confident body language. There are so many facets to that, but one of the most important is how one carries himself. The client I was working with had good posture for the most part, but when we started talking about it, it got even better. His shoulders went back and his back became straighter. Walking into the situation with an air of confidence can help your chances greatly and it always helps to smile.

Also, there are subtleties in our body language that help build rapport. We discuss these in more detail in the course, but the general ones of eye contact and open body language help to create a sense of trust. That can help a candidate connect with the interviewer.

We show in Interview Do’s and Don’ts both an overbearing and a timid candidate. Of course, these are a little exaggerated, but the concept remains. Matching the interviewers communication style can help get a an advantage in this highly competitive world.

Because of this candidate’s great ability to use these techniques, he is going to ace this job fair.

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