My Granny-End Alzheimers

These are memories of my grandmother, written as they flooded my mind. Please excuse any errors. 🙂 My Granny was one of the purest souls I have ever known. She was kind and patient. It was comfortable at my Granny’s because of her. She made sure we were cared for. When I was sick at […]


We have been busy celebrating accomplishments and making memories around here. My middle daughter, Beth, graduated from high school and 2 of our nieces graduated from college. Beth’s graduation was a beautiful ceremony that included a video of her growing up set to David Bowie’s “Changes”. My husband and I recorded a charge, which is […]

For Good

Some people choose to do the right thing because it is right. They aren’t concerned with reward or gratitude of the recipient. Charles Chaffin was one of those people. He chose to take in the orphaned boys of his wife’s brother and give them a home. I can only imagine what chaos was created in […]

TAFE-Texas Association of Fairs and Events

This weekend TAFE held its annual convention at the Hill Country Hyatt, San Antonio. Speak Volumes, Inc’s client, Erin Kinsey ( was chosen to showcase at the event. Kylie and Kelly worked for weeks to get Erin’s booth just right. Their efforts were rewarded in being given “Best Trade Show Booth 2016”! Way to go […]

CIA Event

I had the honor of being asked to sing the National Anthem at the fallen CIA event last night. Wow! What an amazing experience it was. The respect for the flag, the patriots, and the United States by the people in that room was tangible. I was deeply moved as the room stood with their […]

Zac vs. Luke

The genre of country music has traditionally been the expression of rural Amverica. From Loretta Lynn singing about being a Coal Miner’s Daughter and being on the pill, to Hank Williams singing about being so lonesome he could die, to Dolly Parton singing about not being a Dumb Blonde; it has been about what is happening […]

Spending time at the Gexa

The last two weekends, I have spent quite a bit of time at the Gexa. Last weekend, Amber Carrington opened on the Main Stage for Country Fair and this Friday, I went to see Miranda Lambert in concert. On Thursday night, I went to the Rockwall Pregnancy Resource Center Banquet at the Fair Park Music […]