Edith Sanford Race

In September, we traveled to Nashville for the Women’s Running 5K and half marathon sponsored by our friends at the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation. It was a wonderful event that started with Amber Carrington telling her story about her mom, Shonda Gaylord’s journey with breast cancer. She then led the thousands of runners in a beautiful rendition of the national anthem. There were runners of all ages and sizes and all were making a difference for those fighting the battle of breast cancer. We are grateful to those who sacrifice and give of their energy to help others. Thank you to all who helped make this happen and all who participated!

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Miranda’s Mama’s Meatloaf

IMG_2550A while back I began making Miranda Lambert’s Mama’s meatloaf. I pinned it on Pinterest, (here is the link http://www.pinterest.com/pin/176062666654072035/) and made it almost every time we had guests. We absolutely loved it! Never in a million years did I ever think that I would meet the creator of this recipe, much less be invited into her home. But both have happened. It’s one of my favorite recipes by a wonderful lady!

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Dolly Parton

Excited to see Dolly Parton

Excited to see Dolly Parton

This Friday, Amber, her Meme, PawPaw and I were privileged to go to Tulsa to see Dolly Parton in concert. Dolly has been in the fabric of my life since I was born. I am from Tennessee and feel such a kinship with her. I had a pony named Dolly, I dressed up as Dolly Parton for Halloween, and have sung her songs since before I could really speak. This was the first time I have seen her live. She was obviously older, but still had such a spark and life in her. A few things struck me as I listened to her. She was quite reminiscent about her family, particularly her parents. I got the impressions that she misses “her people” and no amount of fame or fortune can take the place of the love she experienced from them. She spoke about different hardships said, “Life is hard”. Even to an icon like Dolly Parton, life can prove to be difficult. Time marches on for all and we only have our God-given time on this planet to make a difference. Dolly Parton has been given talents and opportunities for which she has been a good steward by giving back to this world, and especially her community. I came away with admiration for her, not only as the icon, but as a woman. She will always be a part of who I am and I will always love her.

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I Didn’t Quite Get That

I wanted to say, “I didn’t quite get that” recently on a flight from Sioux Falls to Minneapolis. This was a very small, very full plane. We settled into our seats and began the regular preflight procedure. Our flight attendant was adorable, however, when she took the microphone to recite the directions for the flight, my friend and I failed to understand what she said. English was her second language and she had not mastered it. As our flight went on, we hit a pocket and had a drastic drop. I looked to my friend and said, “If we need to do what she says, we are in trouble”. We would not have been able to follow her directions because we wouldn’t have know what she was telling us to do. The rest of the flight was fine and we made it home safely. It was another realization that effective communication is vital to many professions in our world.

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Steps of Faith

We had a fabulous time filming scenes from “Steps of Faith”. Livi was especially excited to be with The Jackie Boyz who co-wrote some of Justin Bieber’s hits. We can’t wait to see it when it comes out.

Here is a news article about it.

Livi, Kelly, and Chrystee Pharris,

Livi, Kelly, and Chrystee Pharris,

Richard, Livi, and Charles Malik Whitfield

ROCKWALL, TX (April 29, 2014) On April 12, Rockwall residents Richard, Kelly, and Olivia Archibald filmed scenes from local filmmaker, M. Legend Brown’s film, Steps of Faith.

The movie was filmed this spring at locations around the Metroplex including Cedar Hill and Sulphur Springs. The film stars Chrystee Pharris, Charles Malik Whitfield, Ted Lange, Tracey Ross, Kenneisha Thompson, Irma P. Hall and Amy Weber and includes Grammy award winners, The Jackie Boyz.

Steps of Faith is a light-heart dramedy about Faith Houston, an accountant, who is directed by God to move to a small town to work on a Hippotherapy farm helping children. Faith is mocked by her family since she doesn’t have a rapport with children or animals and is not a devout Christian.

Faith decides to follow her heart and move after she encounters several challenges. She finds herself at the farm in the horse stalls shoveling manure. Faith cracks under pressure and leaves after a child is almost injured questioning whether she heard God’s voice or not.

M. Legend Brown (Writer-Producer-Director) is a Rockwall High School graduate, and an award-winning, self-taught filmmaker. Since 2002, Brown has made ten short films, his most notable being, Kissed by the Devil which was accepted to 18 film festivals and won 12 awards.

In 2012, M. Legend wrote, co-produced and directed his debut feature film titled Hiding In Plain Sight which secured distribution through Bridgestone Multimedia Group and was rewarded a theatrical release as well as a worldwide. Hiding in Plain Sight was accepted to 16 film Festivals and won 9 awards.

Brown is also a member of the Texas Motion Picture Alliance, Indie Club, F.T. Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce “Rising Star Institute for young filmmakers”, Dallas Producers Association, and the Dallas Screenwriter’s Association.

Steps of Faith is set for release in August 2014. To learn more, visit stepsoffaithmovie.com.

Information provided by Kelly Archibald.


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CIA Event

I had the honor of being asked to sing the National Anthem at the fallen CIA event last night. Wow! What an amazing experience it was. The respect for the flag, the patriots, and the United States by the people in that room was tangible. I was deeply moved as the room stood with their hands over their hearts while the ROTC brought in the flags. Ross Perot and his family were generous contributors to the foundation, and I am pictured with him below. I am incredibly grateful for those of whom our safety is so dear, they will give their lives with absolutely no earthly rewards. Jesus said in John 15:13: “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” The United States has some very brave friends.

Ross Perot and his family were generous contributors to the foundation, and I am pictured with him below. 1379673_10200577197223998_1419500640_n


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Zac vs. Luke

The genre of country music has traditionally been the expression of rural Amverica. From Loretta Lynn singing about being a Coal Miner’s Daughter and being on the pill, to Hank Williams singing about being so lonesome he could die, to Dolly Parton singing about not being a Dumb Blonde; it has been about what is happening in his or her life. It has been a voice for general America. The public that is purchasing Luke Bryan must be of the emotional maturation of a 15 year old boy. If the most important things in the life of the songwriters of his songs are Daisy Dukes, trucks, and beer, they, too have matured to the ripe age of a 15 year old male. Life is a vast, colorful tapestry, of which there are innumerable subject matters to write. Today’s music has that. There are songwriter’s who paint a picture of life. One example is Miranda Lambert, who draws her writing from her deep well of  experiences she had growing up with her private investigator parents. Her songs give a voice to women who know it’s wrong to be slapped and shaken, but may be experiencing just that. She expresses a tender side in one of my favorites, That’s What Makes it Love. Kacey Musgraves is another stellar songwriter, who sings about Mama being hooked on Mary Kay, brother on Mary Jane, and daddy on Mary two doors down. That is real life, friends. The artist expression isn’t limited today to women. Charlie Worsham is one fine songwriter.  His song “How I Learned to Pray” walks me through his life in a beautiful, touching way. Although there is a group of men that make country music a stinky locker room, there is fresh air out there. Let’s open the windows and our pocketbooks to invest in country music that is true artist expression.

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Spending time at the Gexa

The last two weekends, I have spent quite a bit of time at the Gexa. Last weekend, Amber Carrington opened on the Main Stage for Country Fair and this Friday, I went to see Miranda Lambert in concert. On Thursday night, I went to the Rockwall Pregnancy Resource Center Banquet at the Fair Park Music Hall, which is basically in the same parking lot. Each event had its own personality and attire. Country Fair was just that, country. Miranda, had a lot of adorable girls in dresses and boots. The PRC event was a little like church. Each had its own entertainment, both of the concerts were country music, and the short film, Crescendo, was the choice of the PRC. I am very blessed and grateful to be able to participate in each of these events


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