My Granny-End Alzheimers

These are memories of my grandmother, written as they flooded my mind. Please excuse any errors. 🙂

My Granny was one of the purest souls I have ever known. She was kind and patient. It was comfortable at my Granny’s because of her. She made sure we were cared for. When I was sick at school, I remember my Granny coming to get me and feeling better lying on her couch. My Granny helped me bake muffins for a Brownie badge. I remember playing board games with her, especially Aggravation. I remember watching game shows at her house like The Price is Right, Match Game, Hollywood Squares and Family Feud.

My cousins, sister and I would play for hours in her perfectly groomed yard, running around till we were hot and sweaty. Then we would go get homemade popsicles in the refrigerator in the storage room. Lunch would include tuna fish sandwiches with rotel queso and Fritos, some koolaid or sometimes we would get Fresca. The first time I ever watched To Kill a Mockingbird was in my Granny’s family room on a pallet on the floor (which was spotless). Her house always smelled so fresh and clean.

My Granny hosted us at Christmas and the grownups ate in the dining room, while we kids ate in the kitchen. She would have the desserts in the guest room; I’m not sure why, but I remember she did that. Then we opened presents. I was always so excited at Christmas. I remember going out into her driveway looking for Santa.

Granny rode her bike all the time. She loved to work in her yard. She mostly loved Jesus. She went to church faithfully. She was a great best friend, mother, sister and grandmother.

When I was about a young adult, my Granny was diagnosed with Alzheimers. We had noticed that she had forgotten how to do things that were ordinary. Her illness progressed, but she was able to see me get married. She was able to see 2 of my children and they were able to meet her and for that I am incredible grateful. My Granny never said an unkind word or anything negative during all the life changes that took place. She continued to sing hymns and have that sweet spirit she always had. Eventually she had to be placed in a nursing home, since she was so affected by the disease. She lost her ability to speak but could always sing a hymn. She lost her ability to walk and became bound to her body that was no longer working. I will never forget the day that she became ill with a fever. It was shortly after falling ill that she breathed her last breath. I know that she is with her Jesus now. I will never forget her.


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