I Didn’t Quite Get That

I wanted to say, “I didn’t quite get that” recently on a flight from Sioux Falls to Minneapolis. This was a very small, very full plane. We settled into our seats and began the regular preflight procedure. Our flight attendant was adorable, however, when she took the microphone to recite the directions for the flight, my friend and I failed to understand what she said. English was her second language and she had not mastered it. As our flight went on, we hit a pocket and had a drastic drop. I looked to my friend and said, “If we need to do what she says, we are in trouble”. We would not have been able to follow her directions because we wouldn’t have know what she was telling us to do. The rest of the flight was fine and we made it home safely. It was another realization that effective communication is vital to many professions in our world.

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