Kelly with Malori Carlow, Miss Teen Texas All-Star United States and Molly Woehl, Miss Texas All-Star United States
Kelly with Malori Carlow, Miss Teen Texas All-Star United States and Molly Woehl, Miss All-Star United States


Effective communication is essential if one is to be heard!

How one speaks plays a major role in how he or she is perceived and how his or her communications are received. Research suggests that a first impression is generally formed within 17 seconds and that it takes, on average, 27 future interactions to change a bad first impression. Similar research found that the words one uses make up only 7% of the overall impression made on others. Imagine Winston Churchill’s “This was their finest hour” speech being delivered in a whisper; the words spoken are important, but the most effective communicators rely on more than just words to convey their message. The tone, rate, diction, melody, and nonverbal aspects of speech can determine how our communications are received.

Whether you realize it or not, how you speak is in large part the basis upon which others form their impression of you, which has a major impact upon how your message is received. The melody, rate, diction, tone, and nonverbal aspects have the power to project confidence and intelligence, and the power to convey insecurity and distrust. Put simply, how you speak does Speak Volumes about you and your message. At Speak Volumes, Inc., our mission is to help you speak in a way that more accurately conveys who you are, thereby more effectively delivering your message. Let us help you in delivering the right message.

Speak Volumes Inc. will provide evaluation of your vocal technique and create a customized plan to achieve your goals that may include:

  • Proper breathing techniques for power, control, and projection
  • Tone-speak with pleasant melody, pitch
  • Rate-speak at appropriate speed
  • Speak smoothly without unwanted hesitation
  • Speak with a pleasant vocal quality
  • Speak with generally accepted American pronunciation (foreign accent reduction, regional dialect reduction)

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