Amber Carrington being interviewed by KSCS's Michelle Rodriguez at GMS Sierra's Country Fair.

Amber Carrington being interviewed by KSCS’s Michelle Rodriguez at GMC Sierra’s Country Fair.

We have had an extraordinary first half of 2013. Many of the events of this year have led us into a new area of  service, press and publicity. If you are need of connecting with media or promoting your company or yourself, you have come to the right place! We love making new friends and helping people have success.

Our most exciting part of 2013 has been assisting Amber Carrington on her journey with NBC’s hit show, “The Voice”. We were able to connect her with different media outlets and promote her locally. It has truly been a joy and honor to watch her spread her wings and have such tremendous success. Here is an example of what we have facilitated:!/news/local/The-Voice-Contestant-Joins-in-Rockwall-Parade/214318981!/entertainment/the-scene/Amber-Carrington-Comes-Home/210482371–205476561.html

Speak Volumes, Inc. will help increase your visibility and achieve your goals by assisting with:

  • Media orientation and preparation
  • Media relations
  • Strategic public relations planning
  • Campaign strategy and execution
  • Event planning and management
  • Contact us today!


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