The Oscars-Oh What a Night!

It is the day after The Oscars and what a show it was! It started out wonderfully with Justin Timberlake. He was incredible! I loved how he interacted with the crowd. He danced with his wife and was amazing wooing everyone in the audience. Then the awards began.

My favorites of the night included Emma Stone, best actress, (who was accompanied by her brother….so cute!). She looked stunning. I also was happy to see Nicole Kidman, who made me cry like a baby in Lion and Keith Urban, who we just saw at The Grammys.  Viola Davis is always amazing and I was rooting for her. We have been playing La La Land soundtrack tirelessly and were thrilled for those songwriters and artists.

One of my absolute favorite singer/songwriters is Sarah Barielles, who moved us all with the In Memorium tribute to those who have passed away. Some of those are a part of memories that will forever be a part of my life. I miss them!

Fast forward to the Best Picture award. I cannot even watch this! It is terribly painful! My heart hurts for them. Wow! For those of you living outside of LalaLand, here is a clip. I was impressed with the grace shown and it was handled as best it could be.

It is obvious that The Oscars is the culmination of hours of training and coaching on so many different levels. Training for physical appearances, speech coaching, vocal coaching were for this night. It was a night to shine.

There are more awards coming up and I am helping people get ready for interviews and speeches. It is my hope that with training, my clients will shine in interviews and speeches. If you are facing interview opportunities or preparing for speeches, please reach out to me. I would love to assist you. If you aren’t able to schedule a session, I have Ace Your Interview available on my website.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Oscars…please comment!

Thanks for checking in and let’s talk soon!


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